Lead to Win

There is a drive to massive innovation in Canada’s Capital Region, this is through the Lean to Win program.

This is for talented individuals who wish to establish and grow successful businesses in Ottawa. They are accepting people from a range of backgrounds including sales, business development, product managers, design engineers, systems analysts and management.

They have a good success rate with this program.

The first sessions start on May 19th. The best part is that its’ FREE.

This program is supported by the City of OTtawa, The Talent First Network, alunmi from the 2002 Lead to Win program community expertise, faculty members and graduate students fo Carelton University’s Technology Innovation Management program.

Apply via their website.

Startup Addict

When I worked for a start-up,  the challenges of funding and recruiting the right talent were very apparent.  It’s very simple, how do you get funds when the economy is on a down slide?  How do you recruit the right talent when you have a budget of zero $.


Startup Addict is a social network that addresses this issue.  It’s an online community for people to fund startups, recruit talent, sell goods and network.

I will let you know how it goes.  Follow the updates on EyeSee.