Lead to Win

There is a drive to massive innovation in Canada’s Capital Region, this is through the Lean to Win program.

This is for talented individuals who wish to establish and grow successful businesses in Ottawa. They are accepting people from a range of backgrounds including sales, business development, product managers, design engineers, systems analysts and management.

They have a good success rate with this program.

The first sessions start on May 19th. The best part is that its’ FREE.

This program is supported by the City of OTtawa, The Talent First Network, alunmi from the 2002 Lead to Win program community expertise, faculty members and graduate students fo Carelton University’s Technology Innovation Management program.

Apply via their website.

Mashups and open APIs’ the new entrepreneurship

I was at MESH last week in Toronto. Mayor David Miller gave a very inspirational talk about the future of technology in Toronto.

Here is a video of the presentation that I would like to share with you.

Listen to it as it is very inspiring and talks about the possibilities using mashups. This does have a Toronto focus but the point is to see the possibilities and start something of your own. Open source is not just free software it also means new ways of doing business.

What’s your opinion on this?

Launching Virtual EyeSee, a Social Media Company

For the past few months I have been focusing a fair bit of my time in setting up a new business.  It’s to do with New Media marketing or Social Media marketing.  Given the developments in open source software and free social networking sites it’s a great way for corporations to take advantage of these communication vehicles.  They can be used internally within a company or externally to communicate with customers.

With this in mind I have founded Virtual EyeSee a Social Media strategy and training company.  The goals are very simple to educate people about the trends in this space and inspire them to use these communication tools to increase their bottom line.


The website was design and integration is by R-Cubed, who worked their magic to maintain a common look and feel for both the corporate website and the blog.


EyeSee is where I blog about my adventures in Social Media.  You can become a fan of Virtual EyeSee on facebook and ask all your burning questions on Social Media.


For the more advanced tweet me on Twitter.


So do join me on my advetnures on line and learn how to participate in these spaces.  If you are looking for a guest speaker for your organization, team building, conferences or networking groups, I would be happy to talk about social media, web 2.0 or whatever you want to call it.

Startup Addict

When I worked for a start-up,  the challenges of funding and recruiting the right talent were very apparent.  It’s very simple, how do you get funds when the economy is on a down slide?  How do you recruit the right talent when you have a budget of zero $.


Startup Addict is a social network that addresses this issue.  It’s an online community for people to fund startups, recruit talent, sell goods and network.

I will let you know how it goes.  Follow the updates on EyeSee.

The Code Factory lunch and learn series

The Code Factory is launching their lunch and learn series for September and it looks to be very interesting.

The three streams are

  1. Am there doing that
  2. Been there done that
  3. Monks from Away

The speaker looks very interesting ….

  • Tuesday, September 9th, “Am there doing that” Matt Roberts – JohnyVoIP
  • Thursday, September 11th, “Been there done that” Greg Bell – Lumenera
  • Wednesday, September 17th, “Monks from away” Mark Blevis – Electric Sky
  • Tuesday, September 23rd, “Am there doing that” Aydin Mirzaee – Chide.it
  • Thursday, September 25th,”Been there done that” Scott Lake – Shopify, Start-up Ottawa

I have noted these dates and hope to make it to all these events.

Export now – Gaming Software development partnerships in the U.S. Southeast

This web conference, hosted by Teh Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, is for Canadian companies specializing in the publishing, distribution, and marketing aspects of the gaming industry.


  • Fast overview on opportunities within the southeast U.S. marketplace
  • Specific export opportunities from at least one American company
  • Matchmaking prospects with suggested prospects
  • Ongoing online advice, information and networking

Featured attendees include

To access the call or for additional information please send your contact information to eboucher@cata.ca with Export Now in the subject line.

Making the printed word accessible to all

Ten years ago Mike Hambly was involved in a car accident which resulted in him loosing his sight.? He went back to school and now has a full time job.

During one of his meetings he was presented with a business card which he promptly returned.? The business owner was very perplexed by this.? Mike pointed out that this business card was of no use to him as he could not read it.? This problem could be solved very easily if the business card had braille.

Braille is a series of raised dots, that represent the alphabet, numbers and punctuation, that a visually impaired person can read with their fingers.? Different languages have their own braille code.

Incidents like this are a constant in Mike’s life and he decided to do something about it.? He founded a company called Braille It who’s mission is to make the printed word accessible to all.

He custom designed a braille press which can print about 500 cards per hour.? It’s all manually operated and he hopes to have it automated in the next year or two.? He does not do this alone and does have the help of his family.

So if you want to have Braille on your business cards, flyers etc., it’s very easy.? Just ship your products to Braille It and they will convert your business co-lateral to braille.

Psst…. Braille friendly business cards have a high probability of being picked during a draw

Buddy Keep Your Million – But Buy My Product!

Buddy Keep Your Million -But Buy My Product was a networking event by The Ottawa Network (TON) early this summer.?

Here are some words of wisdom from this event

  • define your objective
  • listen to mentors and friends
  • take off your happy ears
  • VC’s will rarely tell you no
  • tell everyone what you are doing
  • beg, borrow adn don’t steal
  • balance your team = no one like you
  • give it away
  • find ways to say yes
  • always think revenue
  • start with services
  • get customers to fund your deal
  • SR&Ed credits
  • be careful about your IP

There you have it some words of wisdom from people that have been there, done that.?

Loop hole in the June 30th Microsoft deadline

It has been all gloom and doom for windows XP users and Microsoft’s decision to discontinue it’s use post June?30th?2008. If you really want to use Windows XP there has to be a loophole in the fine print.

Yes indeed there are loopholes around the June 30th deadline and Dell, HP and Lenovo have all found them!!!!

The loophole is very simple, ship the customer their PC with Vista installed however there will be an option to downgrade to Windows XP!!!!

The companies selling the software can’t oficially charge for XP but might consider it as a “give away”.

So if you can’t live without XP you?or your organization has a workaround for a while.