FSR Sensor

A while back I purchased an Arduino Uno with the goal of creating interactive art. It’s taken this long to get going and I am not quite there. The biggest challenge is knowing what to do and since the possibilities are endless it’s been hard to get started. The other challenge is having the right components to build what you want. I have decided to break this process up and experiment with simpler circuits and once I understand what they do and how to connect them I will tie it together into a larger project.

I experimented with an FSR sensor from Adafruit. This sensor lets you sense physical pressure or weight. The more pressure applied, the lower the resistance.

FSR sensor from Adafruit The sensor is connected to a LED which is connected to a CR2032 battery. photo The sensor is pressed and the LED goes on.


Before connecting the FSR test to see that the LED circuit works. Since the FSR is not polarized it can be connected in any direction.


Instead of using a CR2032 I can use the Arduino Uno to power up the circuit. I will post updates.