Arduino Uno

Arduino’s have arrived

I am fortunate to be surrounded by very artistic, innovative and talented people who amaze me everyday with their projects. I attend Nuit Blanche and in awe of the various interactive projects on display. Over the past few years I have had great discussions with Alison from Maker Junior and attended a Maker Faire or two. I had heard about the Arduino and the ability to make some interesting projects and finally took the plunge and attended a session by Darcy on Arduino Day.

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno

Although I did not have an Arduino myself there were quite a few to go around so I got a chance to play. I managed to get Blink working and it was time to leave.

I have ordered a couple from Spark Fun and now that they are here I am eager to get started but can’t seem to make it out to any of the meetups’ due to schedule conflicts.

I am not sure what to do next.


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