The Ecological Footprint challenge

Last month I wrote about Ecological Footprints what they are and also some resources where you can figure out your footprint.
So I took the Ecological Footprint tests and here are my scores.

Global Footprint Network Results

gfn 1.gif

My score is 89.94 which translates into 5.72 planet earths to sustain my lifestyle!!!!? In this quiz my carbon footprint was the highest.

Global Footprint Network Numerical version

gfn 2.gif

My Footprint results

footprint network.gif

My score in this quiz is 18.2global acres for the Earth’s productive area or 21.4 tons of carbon dioxide.? I take 4.1 planet earth to sustain my lifestyle.

Earth Day

This quiz is currently unavailable.Hmm interesting numbers.? I am somewhat disappointed as I do strive to live green or so I thought.
So what does it mean to live a “green life” and how do I go about to reduce these numbers?? I am now on a quest to discover this and I will share my findings with you as I go.

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