The Ottawa Web Weekend – Day 2

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Everyone was back at 10am on Sat. morning to get working on project A. We all gathered in the same space as the previous night however there were many conversations taking place at one time and hard to focus. The software developers moved out of the cafe area and into the meeting rooms. The marketing, business, legal and UI team worked together. The challenge was to define the requirements and develop the use cases. This would give the developers a place to start.

Here is a sneak peak at the team.


Mark Blevis was the official podcaster for the event and here’s podcast 1.

I was on the business team and also did double duty trying to capture the goings on visually.Who would use the system and how they would use it had to be defined. We found all sorts of great target markets but we realized that the ones that had a long procurement cycle or heavy regulated were not our initial customers. Also the users had to have a fast internet connection and use computers in their daily business operations.

After lunch the requirements and use cases were presented to the developers. They provided an update on what programming languages and databases they would use. Here is a podcast of the developers.
While the developers created their development environment etc… the other group had to come up with a company name and branding. This was essential for the UI team so that they could get started on the design. This was quite a lot of fun and some of the names could have been taken out of context.

The general group dynamics were interesting. The people in the cafe area were loud and spent a lot of time talking. The developers were very quiet. Well this is a typical scenario in the real world.

The day ended with a lot of the basic product definitions, work flow, name and branding defined. Another podcast.

Stay tuned for updated on day 3.

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