The Code Factory


Ian Graham had identified the need for a community office in Ottawa and he took his vision and turned it into reality. The Code Factory is Ottawa’s first co-working space. The Code Factory has been in the works for a while and to learn more about the trials and tribulations follow the “The Code Factory” tags on Blogmatic.

The idea was first presented at DemoCamp 4 and was very well received. There were numerous forms of public consultation to get input from the customers, always a great idea no matter what your product or service is. Then came the point of no return or the Leap of Faith. There were many challenges along the way, identifying the right location, ideal pricing structure, signing of the lease and finally finding the right services to get it off the ground. Ian persevered and the dream has now become a reality.

The location is above the Green Papaya in a space that used to be occupied by the Afghan Embassy. The work space takes up two floors (the second and fourth), the fourth floor is private office space for small teams while the second floor is a collaborative workspace.

In addition to this there is an

  • On site Cafe
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Co-Working Space
  • Start-up Office Space
  • Community Based Events

The doors will be opening for business today and the official opening will be on May 27th. So stop by and check it out, 246 Queen Street, between Bank and Kent on the South side of Queen.


Psst they have a La Cimbali coffee machine from Francesco’s, for those of you who have not had the Francesco’s coffee, you are definitely missing out.

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